Workshops & Events



  • Beginners Workshops: 75min

By Appointment Only: Schedule Here

Discover the basics and beauty of yoga in this introductory workshop.  We will cover the foundation postures, and short overview of the history of the practice, learn to anchor the breath and use props to assist you in your journey.  Leave with an understanding of how to adjust as necessary, listen to the body, a class schedule that suits your level and goals, and with the confidence to take it to the next level!

Tuition is $75

Mats are provided and RSVP is required.


  • Mala Making, Intention Setting & Crafts as Ritual 

In this two hour session you will learn to design, create and activate a personalized Japa Mala. We can meet in the park or in your home or I can bring this to the studio of your choice! Pre Registration is required. $50 per person.

To Schedule please email us at ( Two weeks notice is requested for this workshop.


  • Kitchen Witchery: Tonics, Teas & Infusions

Make your kitchen an ally in the pursuit of health and vitality!  This In Home workshop is perfect for the afternoon ladies lunch, as a family event on a rainy day or for anyone who wants to improve their digestion, relieve stress and hydrate like an Olympian! Pre Registration is required.$25 per person (limit to what your kitchen will hold)

To Schedule please email us at ( One weeks notice is requested for this workshop.



Additional Workshops Available by Appointment 

To Schedule please email us at (


  • Bandhas and Breath: Location, Manipulation, Physical, & Energetics.  Learn how to harness the physical and energetics of the Bandhas to take your practice to new heights!!
  • Restorative Yoga: Let the stress melt away through deep holds, supple stretches, use of props, centering breath, and supportive music.  This workshop will leave you feeling grounded, centered, focused and relaxed.  For those who are drawn to a Yin practice, this is the place for you.  Accessible to all levels. 2 blocks and a blanket are required
  • Vinyasa Blend: Vinyasa Blend: Also known as the Shelley Xanax…this practice is about creating a balance of heat and calm in the body.  Enjoy a combination of pranayama, meditation, visualization, creative movement, Qi gong and posture work from Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Kundalini traditions.  Props are utilized, adjustments are offered and we move through space to the music of our world’s most inspiring artists.  A fun, vibrant and safe environment to explore the edges of your practice while staying rooted in your breath and respecting the direction of the great teacher within.  Accessible to those students who have an intermediate level practice with modifications for advanced students.
  • Transitions in Vinyasa Yoga: Tricks, Tools, and Tips to safely and effectively move through your flow practice.  (teachers course also available)
  • Goddess Flow: An all levels inspiring moving meditation based on Chandra Namaskar, Centering Pranayama, and Rhythmic Movements to unlock the Divine Feminine Flow.  This is a Lunar Based practice.  Two Blocks and a Blanket are recommended.
  • Couples Yoga: Play and Connect!  It’s fun and dynamic, great for dinner parties! (teachers course also available)
  • Yin & Yang: A Blended Practice Yoga & Qi-Gong  Yin & Yang: A Blend of Yoga and Qi-Gong this practice builds heat, moves prana, and focuses energy that can be leveraged for great personal healing and meditation.  Pranayama, Asana, Traditional Qi-Gong Protocols, Moving Meditation, and Relaxation.  There is nothing quite like it!
  • Sacred Space: The perfect combination of meditation, breath work, and movement.  This three part class offers students the opportunity to dial in to the great teacher within and enjoy a meditative exploration on the mat.  This is a true Yoga Escape and a great way to kick off your weekend, unwind, and relax.  Open to all levels.
  • Guided Meditation: This workshop combines gentle stretch and pranayama followed by a theme based journey into the great beyond.  Bring props as is appropriate for seated meditation and corpse pose. Learn grounding breath techniques and three meditations to take with you on your journey ;0)

Also on tap for Teachers only- 

Hands On Assists: Intermediate and Advanced Postures

Vinyasa Krama: How to build a Dynamic Class. Take your teaching skills to the next level!  Creative sequencing based off of Krama, Peak Posture, and Theme.

Yoga Philosophy 101: learn the overview of The 8 Limbed Path of Ashtanga Yoga and how the many styles of Yoga are interrelated and practiced around the country.



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