2017 Foundational Studies & Instructor Certification 200 Hour Group Study Track

Current Group Training In Session. Accepting One on One Students Only at this time. 



The Demand Is large and growing!

The need for great class teachers and private instructors is quickly expanding from the major yoga hubs in big cities to suburbs and small towns all over the country. Over the last 30-years, millions of people have discovered this amazing practice and as we experience massive growth in the over-50 population in the next twenty years, millions more will clamor for the healing, stress-relieving, life-enhancing impact.

Especially in a private setting.

So, if you love yoga, if you already talk to everyone you know about it…maybe it’s time to take the next step and invest in a training program that will equip you to ease, at your pace, into the world of teaching yoga classes and private yoga clients.

Sounds great, right?!  So, what does a training program at The Yoga Pagoda look like?

Subjects Include:

Creating Sacred Space & Cultivating Noble Silence

Subtle Body, Chakras, Klasha’s, Pranayama

8-Limbed Path of Ashtanga Yoga as applied to Vinyasa Yoga

Teaching Methodology: Roll of the teacher, core concerns, class preparation, ethical guidelines, cuing, language and voice, power of touch, et al.

Organic Alignment Theory: Connecting to the five energies, general principles, teaching process and Anatomy

Intro to Tantra Fundamentals & Kriyas

How to use Herbs, Tonics, Crystals and Essential Oils

Asana: Sequencing Theories & Application

Asana: Posture Review, Adjustments, Use of Props, Alignment, Safe Transitions, Practice Teaching

Teaching in alternative environments: SUP, Beach, Classroom, et al

Introduction to Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Business and Ethics of Teaching. Guidelines, Marketing Tools + Resume & Relationship Building

Observation and Assisting in both the classroom and private settings.

Reading and Discussion of foundational texts from multiple traditions and contemporary scholars.

Full Certification Upon Course Completion

What Are You Waiting For?! Apply Now!

2017 Foundational Studies & Instructor Certification 200 Hour Group Study Track

A 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification through The Yoga Pagoda is awarded to Students who complete each Teacher Training Weekend Module and all Contact & Non Contact Requirements.

Program Overview

Practice Hours: 1 class minimum per week (60 hours total w/staff)

Observation Hours: 20 hours total w/staff

9 Monthly Lectures: (90 contact hours total) 1 weekend per mo (12-5pm sat/sun)

Sept 23/24
Oct 28/29
Nov 18/19
Dec 16/17
Jan 20/21
Feb 24/25
Mar 24/25
April 28/29
May 19/20


Additional Requirements 

Class Assisting (5 hours w/staff)

Karma Classes- Two classes for free to the community (2 hours)

SEVA Project- Plan & Execute (5 hours)

Satisfactory Execution of a Class that Demonstrates Proficiency In Teaching (with Shelley Adelle over Graduation Weekend)

Non-Contact Hours: (18 non contact hours)

Meditation & Journal Practices

Homework: Required readings & reflections, observation and practice evaluations

Tuition, Books & Fee’s

Deposit  $350 is required for all Yoga Teacher Certification Seeking Students and is due upon acceptance into The Yoga Pagoda Teacher Training Program.  Fees include all required books, YPV manual, handouts, class passes and excursions.

Total Tuition & Fee’s for Certification: $2,200.

An additional $1,500 tuition is applied to any student who wishes to do the one on one track. Payment plans are available.


  • A student interview is required in order for a student to be enrolled in The Yoga Pagoda 200hr Teacher Training Program.

For Questions regarding our Certification Training, please email Shelley Adelle:

Teacher Training Staff 

Founder & Owner Shelley Adelle Training: E-RYT 1500+ hrs Sonic Yoga NYC, Shiva Rea, Anna Forrest, Dharma Mitra, Missy White, Schuyler Grant, Jivamukti Yoga, Will Duprey, Stacey Sperling, Jen Whinnen, Joe Somodi, and Johanna Bell. Reiki Level 1 & 2. Creator of Home Practice Prescriptions and Herbal Chakra Teas available at

Tara Blackburn Training: 200 hr Integral Yoga Teacher Training Nosara Yoga Institution Costa Rica w/Don and Amba Stapleton. 1000+hrs  Shiva Rae, Seane Corn, Kristin Cooper, Tamal Dodge, Ashley Turner, Hala Khoury, Deon Dewitt.

Brianna Beard Training: 200 hr Anahata-Hatha Yoga certification from Ana Costa, Encinitas CA.  Level 1 Kundalini teacher training from Gurumeher Encinitas CA.

Ashleigh Whitfield Training: 300hrs Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training @ The Yoga Pagoda, Nia Technique White Belt. Additional hours include; Therapeutics with Isvari Verre, Joe Somodi, Greg Nardi, Shelley Adelle (Kids Yoga), Gail Condrick (Nia Technique), Durgaya Palmieri.



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